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Safer with NPR

Building Connections to secure South African Communities together.
An Early Warning System alerting you to suspicious activity in your
area. More than just Cameras and Software.

In a Control Room or the hands of your Neighbourhood Watch.
Your Community is safer with NPR.


Every vehicle passing our NPR Powered cameras is photographed, analysed and decrypted to establish suspicious vehicles. All transactions are recorded.


The entire process from alerting to flagging vehicles takes seconds.


The necessary authorities are alerted into action. We are watching out.

What is NPR?

NPR uses Automatic License Number plate Recognition technology to read passing number plates.

This is just the beginning.

ANPR is the acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Essentially we have the technology to capture an image and analyse, decrypt and interpret it in real time. In other words, due to our data processing, our reaction is immediate.

Everyday Usage

Why NPR?

Commited To Keep You Safe

We build applications with the people who will use them in mind. The simplicity of use, regular software updates, and unique value-adds of our technology are what keep our partners happy.

Communities We Serve

National Roads

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