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Easy Security Services & Guards has evolved its service provision to render the following quality security services:

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At Our Core

Easy Security & Guards (ESS&G)Mission is to provide the Client with service excellence through discipline, dedication and development. We believe in long term business commitments with our Clients based upon honesty, transparency and excellent service levels.

Security & Guarding

We use the latest technology in rendering our services and we render our services obsolete before our customers and competitors do it for us. We are able to add value to all of our clients.

Special Events

Event management, where crowd control is problematic and could have an extremely negative effect on a company's image and bottom-line.

Training School

We present accredited PSIRA and SASSETA courses. We also offer Learnerships as well as Short courses building up to a NQF qualification.

What Else We Offer

Additional Services


ESS&G’s investigators are specialists in the field of intelligence
gathering, involving anything from providing financial and background
profiles to physical observation of suspects

Off-site Monitoring

Technology today is the direction to go due to crime which in most
cases goes undetected because of human era. The world has
evolved and technology has become the master of evolution

Retail Experience

Easy Security Services and Guards (Pty) Ltd has introduced an innovative leading edge solution to combat remote jammers. The fixed and mobile (MALL GUARD JAMMING DETECTOR) alert Security Personnel to jammers operating within 150m radius


Easy Security Services and Guards have a proven reputation for excellence, value for money, innovation and experience in the retail industry. We have the skills, experience and commitment required to be your preferred partner, service provider and supplier.


Easy Security Services has vast knowledge and experience in providing security services in the Retail Sector.


Maintaining strict security standards whilst providing a relaxed and welcoming experience to visitors and customers has never been more important or more challenging in the luxury retail environment. Our staff are trained to provide outstanding customer service, whilst meeting strict security regulations.